What is going on with Thornbury high Street?

Nobody likes the way it currently is and we all want it back to what it was before this whole covid came about.

I haven't heard of anyone that likes it and I feel it is going to drive people away from Thornbury.

Is that what the council wants?

We want the old Thornbury high street back.

I wish the council would think of all the Thornbury residents out there instead of thinking about themselves.

The businesses are suffering badly and since its been pedestrianised I have barely been in the high street. I am 31 years old & disabled with M.E which I've had for the last 23 years and I suffer very badly with my legs and I certainly can not walk in the high street like it is at the present time. I can't even go to the bank. I have been wanting to go to the bank for a long time but I am just put off going because of the way the high street is at the moment. Before this happened mum would park on double yellow lines opposite the bank for me but sadly not any more. I don't go out much but when I do I am certainly not going to make myself worse just because of the Thornbury high street. What about all the other disabled people out there? What are they meant to do? What about wheelchairs? The lack of disabled parking is absolutely pathetic!!!

Thornbury is not the place we used to love and things need to change fast before all the businesses close down and we are left with no shops left in Thornbury!

Helen Wood