I’m sticking up for 20mph limits. I agree with Mr Bird (3 Nov 21) that better driver training would reduce inappropriate speed.

However I disagree with his rubbishing of 20mph limits.

Driving is mostly automatic and habitual which is why good training is important.

One of the triggers for habit is the speed limit.

In America the default limit in residential areas is a strictly enforced 25mph (and 15mph near to schools). Drivers are in the habit of keeping to 25mph or less and are therefore much readier to slow further for errant cyclists or wild children.

In the UK the default limit is a weakly enforced 30mph.

Drivers are in the habit of driving at 30-35mph, some even faster.

Those children are in danger. 20mph limits in the right areas can help to get habitual speeds to less lethal levels.

Please keep an open mind about them.

Peter Wormington