Judging by her record to date, it seems very unlikely that Siobhan Baillie will make any mention in her weekly column of the latest example of sleaze and blatant dishonesty of her Party.

She will, no doubt, be told to write something totally unrelated to what is all over the media and what everyone is talking about in an attempt to distract attention.

As the days and weeks go by, it seems more and more implausible that this appalling shower actually won an election but, does it say more about the gullibility of the electorate or the arrogance of the Tory party?

If anyone was still under any illusion that this Country is a democracy, then surely just the last few days have made them realise it's anything but.

Even the Daily Mail, the 'paper that called those who uphold the law "the enemies of the people" had criticism of the government re' Owen Patterson, all over their front page.

For something like that to happen one might imagine a doubling of overseas aid had been announced or tax on beer was increasing by 25%.

But, and it's a big but, will anything change? When Matt Hancock is caught with his hands all over his "aide" Boris Johnson has full confidence in him until he resigns. Priti Patel is found to have broken the ministerial code and absolutely nothing is done about it.

The whole Country is in "lockdown" but Robert Jenrick drives to his parents' home to "deliver essentials". Nothing to see here! Oh yes, that's Dominic Cummins getting his eyes tested but instead of disciplining him the P.M. helps him write a load of drivel as to why he did it and expects the public to believe it.

The P.M. illegally prorogues Parliament but nothing happens because he just makes up the rules as he goes along and if, heaven forbid, an issue is debated in the H of C followed by a vote, he, via the Chief Whip, tells his M.P's how to vote, or else!

That's what Tories call a democracy.

It is apparently the case that, although Siobhan Baillie would claim to represent her constituents, the majority of whom didn't vote for her, she voted to support Owen Patterson.

It will come as no surprise to the vast majority of the Stroud constituency that their M.P. is not in post to support them but as a pawn to vote in whatever way she is told to try to ensure that the Tory party can do whatever it likes. So, b******s to democracy and when the by-election takes place to replace Owen Patterson there will be thousands of people who will still vote Conservative.

So, is it gullibility, or corruption and cronyism is o.k. as long as it doesn't directly affect them? Of course, if Owen can find a donor to slip him £3 million to pass on to the Tories, he could be popping up in the House of Lords any time soon.

As time goes on, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump don't seem so bad after all.

Howard Price.