With the enormous growth of orders placed on the internet, we have, over the past couple of years, become engulfed in the cardboard in which most items are packed for delivery to our homes.

Virtually all of this is not, of course, pure cardboard, but also has the brown parcel tape attached.

I have worked in a sector the recycling industry for many years, and my understanding is that packaging which is composed of more than one product cannot simply be recycled, but that pure cardboard can be reprocessed into more of the same. The adhesive tape is not actually difficult to remove, which we do, but I cannot imagine any recycling company doing this.

I have the suspicion, therefore, that all of this two-product cardboard packaging is sent to the incinerator, which, if true, will, I am sure, horrify many people.

I emailed Stroud District Council some time ago to ask them what happens to all this cardboard, which we have a right to know, but did not receive a reply.

Perhaps SDC will now respond to this letter.

Bob Kingsland