We should all be aware of the very real dangers of global warming. Hopefully Cop-26 will achieve more than empty promises.

The young will doubtless consider that any proposals do not go far enough, those of us longer in the tooth can presume that whatever is decided the result will be higher prices.

What can we do to help? We can change to low-energy lamps, or new heating options but meaningful decisions, like giving up flying abroad, will be much more painful.

What we could do immediately is to stop using gas or electric outdoor space heaters.

Their sole purpose is to warm the outside air!

The same applies to pottery or steel garden chimneys, outdoor log burners, pyramid patio gas flames, fire pits and flare effects at sports matches. It’s high time we gave up all this nonsense.

I would allow the hospitality industry time to look at more efficient ways of warming outside

spaces, they need the flexibility, but in our own back gardens why not put on a pullover?

Robert Smith