A SCIENCE fair, hosted by a Thornbury school, drew in over 600 visitors as children and their parents got hands-on with a wide range of experiments.

The Science and Engineering Fair, held by St Mary’s School in Thornbury on 27th February, featured a number of exhibitions, stalls and experiments designed to teach visitors as well as inspire plans for further study and careers in the sciences.

Included in the line-up of exhibitors were a number of businesses such as Essilor and Bristol Zoo, as well as Thornbury in Bloom.

“We have quite a varied of new exhibits this year,” said Selina Slater, chairman of the St Mary’s School PTFA.

“The exhibitors were so willing to come. With the gap in the market for science applicants in industry and further education, big businesses were really keen to get involved.

“One of the most popular features this year was the Lego engineering stall. 

“The individual workshops for the children saw them attempt to build the best bridge they could in a set time from the 2,600 Lego blocks available.

“We also had Computer Xplorers do a session on computer coding, which proved very popular with the children.

“Bristol University had their Chemlab here again this year, looking at molecule modelling. 

“We were glad that they had a hand from Castle School sixth former Simon Shepperd. He is currently doing A-level chemistry so it’s a great opportunity for him to get involved with science at a higher level, especially as he is possibly looking at studying it at university.”

“As well as creating a fun yet calm and studious environment, we have raised over £700 from the event which we are really proud of.

“The money came from entry fees as well as our periodic table of cupcakes, which were on sale in our science café. It was was quite the talking point!

“That money will go towards the fundraising efforts for new outdoor play equipment for the school.

“But even if we had broken even, the fact we had interacted and educated so many children, and even parents, it was more than enough reward.”