COMPLAINTS over the design of a proposed new store in Thornbury have been “ignored” say nearby residents.

Proposals for the convenience store on Badger Road have been opposed by potential neighbours after they realised the two-storey part of the building would overlook some of their gardens, with the design of the car parking area adjacent to others offering a potential security risk.

“When we bought the property, we were advised by the sales people that the store would be in keeping with the site, similar to the shop on Primrose Drive,” said Chris Hepden.

“So we were disappointed to find that such a large building will be at the end of our garden.

“We are not opposing the building of a store, quite the opposite, but we are opposing the currently proposed design.”

He added that further concerns were raised over apparent plans for the shop to stay open until late, which could encourage anti-social behaviour and disturb the neighbours.

But despite many of the residents having their say online through the public consultation, when revised plans were resubmitted in December, very little had changed.

Crime prevention recommendations were also issued against the first set of plans, which Mr Hepden claims have also been “ignored”

“There is no account of the concerns raised over the plans that have been submitted,” he said. “We as the future neighbours of the shop have had our say through the appropriate channels and they have simply ignored us.”

Mr Hepden was joined by a group of Badger Road residents to raise their concerns to Thornbury Town Council during their town development committee on January 23.

On inspection of the plans, Cllr Clare Fardell said: “This looks indeed as though it will be bigger than envisaged.

“I am not at all convinced that the parking provision would be sufficient, which would place further strain on nearby residents if people take to parking on the roads.”

The council agreed unanimously to support the residents in objecting to the plans, citing similar concerns over the height of the building, the opening, “questionable” parking provision, security issues of nearby properties.

The developer, which is represented by JLL Planning and Development, was unavailable for comment.