IN a thrilling division four game at the Malthouse, The Rogues, aided by a first leg spare from Simon Hervey, held a 10 pin lead over Sharpness Playmates after five legs.

However a 62 pin sixth leg by the Playmates made the game all square. The Playmates went into the last leg five pins up but a spare by Ivor Bye put the Rogues back in front.

It left the Playmate's anchor Sandra Powell needing eight to tie and nine to win.

Her previous seven goes had all been eights but there was no eights for the Playmates as they slipped to a two pin loss.

In division three First Class ended a ten match losing run with a resounding home win over the Leftovers.

A sparkling 72 last leg including an 18 spare by Roger Bullock was the icing on the cake as First Class eased home by 26 pins. James Pitt had his 11th spare of the season for the Leftovers in his 58.

In division five The Ladybirds claimed the honours in a bottom of the league clash against Not the Double D's. Taking an early lead they drew clear in the last three legs helped by a 15 spare from Janet Cox in her 61 and back to back nines from anchor Teresa Wroe. Jill Francis anchored well for the visitors with 56

Results. Division Three First Class 440 (R Bullock 68),Leftovers 413 (P Sealey 59); Hammers 388 (C Bleakley 54),Allsorts 391 (P Jennings 54); Haymakers 397 (M Edwards 60),Not a Clue 456 (M Palmer 77); Quality Factors 417 (D Sherman 64),Guys and Dolls 387 (P Hatton 54); Division Four Dursley Golfers 346 (F Moon 53),Pamdemonium 375 (P Birt,M Kingscote 53); Hopefuls 382 (H Miller 61),Pheasant Pluckers 370 (G Merswa 54); Pheasant Pluckers 428 (J Venn 65),Rockhampton Rams 449 (G Fisher 67); Rogues 436 (3 players 63),Sharpness Playmates 434 (S Powell 62); Synwell B 401 (A Stinchcombe 57),Misspins 374 (M Wills 50); Division Five Casuals 405 (R Stump 65),Jolly Mariners 374 (T Hooper 54); Duty Free 368 (J Peachey 55),Lassies 394 (G Meadows 57); Hot Gossips 368 (G Macey 55),Staggareds 386 (D Smith 61); Jolly Mariners 386 (A Mills 58),Vixens 404 (A Fry 63); Ladybirds 413 (J Cox 61),Not the Double Ds 378 (J Francis 56); Lassies 408 (G Meadows 57),Rockin Berries 417 (N Clarke 58); Lobitanhope 385 (T Docherty 58),Astonians 384 (K Mustoe 54); Munch Bunch 368 (B Tovey 54),Super Troopers 305 (J Hall 49); Not the Double Ds 379 (A Stratton 53),Duty Free 415 (J Wood 61); Rockin Berries 364 (D Clarke 56),Cheers 4 Beers 395 (J Carrier 60); Super Troopers 390 (J Hall 57),Vixens 407 (L Morgan 65); Vixens 397 (A Fry 60),Titbits 422 (L Smith 61);