FROMESIDE Gym Club girls have had great results at the Gloucestershire Floor and Vault Championships held last Sunday.

The competition carried on over two rounds with girls ages eight to over 14, covering levels three, four and five.

Fromeside can now boast eight Gloucestershire County champions in their squad.

Overall results have level five gymnasts who are Cassie Kitchener, aged eight, Heidi Bruce, aged nine, Maya Mimoun, aged ten, Annie Walters, 12, and Pippa Sumner, 13 ,and level four gymnast Maddie-Lee Williams, ten, receiving bronze medals for their performance.

Silver medals were won by level five gymnasts Ruby Tovey, aged eight, Millie Holloway, nine, Gracie Cozier aged U10s, Erin Tandy, ten, Tabitha Dannward,13, and, in level four, Ruby Greenwood, 11.

Bringing home gold medals and champion titles in level five were gymnasts Jessie Wilcox, eight, Maddie Hillier-Smith, ten, Megan Cappi, 12, and Alice Hassard, over-14.

In level four, the gold medal was won by Isabelle Watson, in the U10s, and Megan Walsh in the over 14s.

The gold medal winners in level three were gymnasts Holly Oswald and Jaime Wall, aged over 13.

Fromeside Gymnastics Club said: "We are extremely proud of all our gymnasts that competed in the Gloucestershire


"All of their hard work and dedication showed in their results. A special thank you to our coaches and all the volunteers who helped to make the competition a fun family day."