Fromeside Gymnastics, from Winterbourne entered a total of 18 competitors over two levels of the West County Leagues in three different teams.

In A League Division 1, Fromeside was represented by Maddie Lee-Williams who performed well, with teammate Isabelle Watson scoring high.

They were joined by fellow teammates Jessie Wilcox and Indi Kandavanam-Lovell who both scored well. The two final Fromeside gymnast in this round were Ruby Tovey and gymnast Ruby Greenwood that helped cumulate the teams scores that put them in first position in their division.

The second group of Fromeside’s girls in the A League were in Division 4.

Ruby Tsangari, Cassie Kitchener, Casey Harrison (also won an individual bronze), teammate Ionie Williams, Maya Mimoun all performed well for the team.

The final gymnast in this round was Millie Holloway who scored well to put the Fromeside team in third place in their division.

The teams final group was in B League Division 4 with Amber Toffi, Megan Walsh, Annie Walters, Megan Cappi, Charleigh Mills’ and Abi Roome all doing well to secure third place in the division for the team. A statement from the group said: "Well done to each and everyone of our Fromeside gymnasts.

"Their performance demonstrated how hard work and dedication can pay off.

"A special thank you to our coaches for all their hard work". Your Fromeside family are extremely proud of each and everyone of you. What a perfect season ender for Fromeside Gymnastics.