There was a familiar feel about City’s defeat at Leeds last Saturday writes Graham Ford.

In the game until the moment of Brownhill being sent off in the second half and then of course the inevitable Leeds goal.

This was followed up by a second one and City were on the end of their fourth defeat in a row.

When I looked at their starting line up, I simply could not see how they were going to score a goal. Like many City fans I have become very despondent. We have only won 9 games of the last 42.

If that was in a single season we would be well into the relegation places. I can’t think of another manager who would have retained the support of his Board during such a run.

It’s great credit to Steve Lansdown’s patience that he still backs Lee Johnson 100%. By the time you read this we will know the events of Wednesday’s night’s game at Ipswich.

Anything other than a win against an Ipswich team adrift at the bottom will definitely push many patient fans like me over the edge and call for a change. The team is better than the results that are being delivered.

I feel there is too much tinkering about with the team, no stability and while Lee emphasises that it the little things that make the difference, getting some of the big things right, like picking the correct team in the first place would be a start.

There is no doubt that the infrastructure of the Club, young players potentially coming through ,and the general set up is first class. Unfortunately the first team results on the pitch are far from it.

I hope Lee can turn this dreadful run around but For the first time I am beginning to lose faith. Come on Lee, prove me wrong.

It’s a Sunday game against Millwall. If I am writing this next week with 6 more points on the board, all my worries will be behind me. 4 points is the minimum necessary.