Thornbury A reached the summit with a 14-6 victory over newly promoted Lansdown A.

After a break in the fixtures, Thornbury A returned to action against a Lansdown who posed a real threat of an upset from the get go.

Sam Davidson played first for Thornbury and it was all over before he knew it, suffering a shock 0-3 defeat.

Johnny Taylor and Craig Webb were then both on getting the A’s back on track with routine 3-0 victories.

Callum Davidson led the side out on the night at number one string and showed his class, putting on a top performance winning his match 3-0.

With the match secure, Dave Naish was last on and added a single point in a hard fought battle eventually going down 1-3.

A third straight win for Thornbury A puts them back to the top of the table, the final match score being 14-6.

Thornbury B were away to local rivals BAWA A and once the banter of how cold it was over, it was down to business.

Mick Dixon was on first and put in a good effort in the first two games but his opponent pulled away in the third taking the match 3-0.

Rob Livingstone still recovering from a heavy cold went down 3-1.

Justin Edwards got off to a blistering start taking the first two games in quick succession but then spent the next two recovering, he managed to go 9-8 up in the fifth but it slipped away and lost 11-9. Mark Toseland couldn’t quite work out his experienced opponent on the night going down 3-1.

Chris Hutchence carved away a nice 3-1 win with the overall score 17-7 to BAWA.

Thornbury D were on winning form against Redland’s G team.

James Jenkins, on first, had a slow start losing the first but soon picked up the pace to take a 3-1 win.

Ian Johnson made quick work of his opponent, winning 3-0 in 20 minutes, Bill Ellis lost his first two games but then made an impressive comeback to draw level, however he lost out in the fifth to lose 3-2.

Nick Clifton, at position one, also had a tough match but his legendary court coverage eventually ground down his opponent to take a 3-2 win.

Nigel Ball, from 1-2 down, got his act together in the fourth to draw level and provide a nail biting final game, avoiding two match points to win it 16-14. The final score was 18-8 to Thornbury.