MARK COOPER will bide his time before dipping his toe in the transfer market.

The Forest Green boss has already recruited experienced defender Matt Mills, but admitted a set number of new faces is far from certain with the potential loss of Reece Brown and the transfer listed Reuben Reid to consider.

“We have no set number of incomings to be honest and we might still lose one or two,” revealed Cooper.

“There is interest in some of our younger players, so we have to wait and see if that does transpire and we have to recruit more, but I ‘m looking at four to five to start with and then see how we go.”

And age is no recruitment barrier for Cooper after landing former Premier League defender Mills at the ripe old age of 32.

“You could be experienced in terms of games played,” explained the Rovers’ boss.

“Twenty-three to twenty-four-year-old lads, who have played 200 games - and that’s experienced in my book. It doesn’t matter about age - it’s about good players. We prefer younger players because we try and develop - and that’s our project - and what we are trying to do, but if you can have success aligned with that, then good.”

Cooper says he is hoping to have his transfer business wrapped up by the time the team head away on their pre-season training camp.

Cooper will take his team to Woodbury Park on Sunday, July 7, which will last until Thursday, July 11, with the first pre-season friendly game against Weston-super-Mare on the way back.

“That’s the aim,” he added.

“It’s really tough because everyone is working in a small pool of players.

“We’re a little bit different with the pool we work in so we have more of an opportunity.

“We’re trying to work hard to make sure the ones we bring in add to a really good squad.”

Cooper insists younger players are keen to learn their craft at the New Lawn, where his total football mantra is a springboard to start or relaunch careers.

“We attract the younger players,” said Cooper.

“They know they can get a platform, where they can play and move on to bigger and better things and as long as we get remunerated and have success along the way, then we’re not bothered, but then you can get to a level, where you can keep your better players.”