ANOTHER hectic weekend of athletic endeavour for Dursley Running Club, writes David Durden.

Kicking-off with the 4 Midsummer Series events at the Prince of Wales stadium Cheltenham. A hot night made it an excellent evening for sprinters and jumpers. Emma Foran’s 6:25.1 mile run very impressive. With Foran getting to grips with her pacing strategy Freddie Turner, high jump and Tom Smith - long jump impressed not only with their efforts but also there understanding of the adjustments needed. Turner went onto jump a personal best of 1.40m with Smith shy of his best, both competing well against athletes who have access to much better facilities.

Next up was the 200 with Smith, Turner and Naomi Clark up for DRC. Smith heat was first he ran a controlled bend he stayed strong to finish in 29.7. Turner and Naomi Clarke were next up. Both ran strong races and showed good form with Turner finishing first in the heat, tying on time with Smith, Clarke running 30.4. Foran completed her events off with 1.05m in the high jump, showing a really strong and fast approach, a great foundation to work on. The event finished with the 100m. Tom was in heat one. He ran his own race again showing excellent form. Clarke finished things off for DRC in the track and was just a two tenths of a second faster than Smith finishing in 14.5 to be the fastest DRC runner on the night. Dave Durden managed 1.25 in the high jump and 18.60 in the javelin.

Forty-nine Dursley club runners took part in the Frampton 10K.

Nigel Sankey was first home for DRC and pleased with his sub 40 minute run. Former DRC chair Graeme Hawkins was 1st M70 in just over 46 minutes whilst Jadie Cotterell was 6th SenW and first DRC woman, an impressive run having been baked in the heat of the afternoon on the Cotswold Relay Race on the Saturday, another five of the DRC athletes had also run the CWR. As ever strong category results from DRC with Alice Lewis 3rd F60 after a CWR leg, Eileen Hieron 3rd F65+ Dave Saunders 3rd M70. John Hieron now over 80 ran a PB in his second ever 10K with Carly Heath running a 4 minute 43 second personal best, showing how much her running has improved over the last 18 months.

Results; Nigel Sankey, 39th, (20th Senior Male), 00:39:43;Neil Hodgson, 44th, (15th MV40), 00:40:11; Francois Low, 60th, (24th Senior Male), 00:41:35; John Bourne, 73rd, (26th Senior Male), 00:42:36, Stuart Watts, 87th, (30th MV40), 00:44:08; Kevin Jackson, 88th, (14th MV50), 00:44:11; Dan Lygo, 89th, (31st MV40), 00:44:17; Andrew Oborne, 106th, (20th MV50), 00:45:56; Graeme Hawkins, 110t , (1st MV70+), 00:46:16; Jadie Cotterell , 121st, (6th Senior Female), 00:47:11; John Delafield, 125th, (26th MV50), 00:47:20; Damian Lai, 136th, (48th MV40), 00:47:58; Joaeph Ball, 140th, (33rd Senior Male), 00:48:18; Lise Hindshaw, 142nd, (9th FV45), 00:48:24; Alice Lewis, 154th, (3rd FV55), 00:49:13; Andy Kilby, 156th, (11th MV60), 00:49:17; Nicola Christopher, 162nd , Senior Female, 00:49:48; Jon Morgan, 163rd, (37th Senior Male), 00:49:48; Huw Poppy, 165th, MV40, 00:49:42; David Saunders, 182nd, (3rd MV70+), 00:51:22; Paul Lee, 191st, (13th MV60), 00:51:53; Mel Williams , 206th , (7th FV55), 00:52:55; Antony Ball, 223rd, (39th MV50), 00:53:52; Erica Fuller, 243rd, (25th FV45), 00:55:18: Andrew Ferguson, 244th, (64th MV40), 00:55:22; Matthew Davies, 245th, (65th MV40), 00:55:29; Caroline Easthope, 268th , (32nd FV45), 00:57:23; Adrian Carter, 296th , (20th MV60), 00:59:02; Emma Keating , 305th , (41st FV45), 00:59:38;Julie Froggatt, 310th , (9th FV55), 00:59:40; Margaret Badger, 312th , 43rd FV45), 00:59:46; Hannah Butcher, 315th , (49th FV35), 01:00:07; Julie Gowing, 320th , (51st FV35), 01:00:37; Kelly Hughes, 326th , (53rd FV35), 01:01:06; Jackie Pennington , 327th , (46th FV45), 01:00:46; Diana Gore, 329th , (13th FV55), 01:01:06; Teresa Walton, 332nd , (14th FV55), 01:01:55; Lisa Young, 335th , (48th FV45), 01:02:10; Hannah Sallis, 344th , (19th Senior Female), 01:02:28; Steve Barnes, 350th , (22nd MV60), 01:03:07; Hollie Dent, 353rd , (21st Senior Female), 01:03:15; Nicola Cowle, 360th , (65th FV35), 01:03:26; Ben Houghton, 371st , (55th Senior Male), 01:04:20; Carly Heath, 141st (70th F35), 01:04:26 (PB); Veronica Higgins, 424th , (19th FV55), 01:09:16; Rebecca Halford, 426th , (31st Senior Female), 01:09:58; John Hieron, 428th , (7th MV70+), 01:10:00; Eileen Hieron, 432nd , (3rd FV65+),01:10:05; Chris Sweet, 438rd , (75th MV40), 01:10:54.