The timetable for the 63 bus from Stroud to Forest Green has been altered from one every 30 minutes to one an hour. From a business point of view that would appear to be sensible; there only ever a few customers on it every trip.

However there will be a major problem on Saturday afternoons when Forest Green Rovers FC have a home match against a massively supported opposition team. Many away fans travel by train to Stroud and then catch the bus from the town to Forest Green. One double-decker bus in

an hour will not be able to cope. The recent visits by Swindon Town FC

and Bristol Rovers clearly showed that to be the case.

Hopefully SDC and Gloucestershire Police are aware of this potential problem and are liaising with Stagecoach and Forest Green FC to ensure supporters are not left hanging about for an hour till next bus.

Otherwise it is a recipe for pandemonium for which locals could be at the receiving end.

Tom Newman