St Mary's Yate travelled to St Michael's home ground in a game that ended in a draw.

A well fought game was shown in the first half with many shots from the opposition deflected skilfully by Levi in goal.

Despite a solid performance by Byron, Harry and Tyler in defence, one lucky goal took the opposition 1-0 up.

Minutes later Louis approached goal with no defenders; unfortunately the keeper produced an outstanding save to keep them in the lead.

St Mary’s made an energetic start to the second half taking control of the game.

Louis, Gino, Stanley and Charlie worked hard firing many shots at their keeper and Levi in goal continued to make some exceptional saves to keep St Mary’s in the game.

Fortunately, with seven minutes left Harry on the wing put the ball in the back of the net, making it 1-1. Then a last second chance came for St Mary’s, however the away striker did not accomplish goal, the whistle blew and the match finished all level.