Berkeley League

IN division three, the Fizz Kids returned to form with a bang as they beat fellow title candidates Haymakers by 23 pins.

They asserted early in the game with spares from Derek Long and skipper Steve White and were never troubled after that. Jim Cole had his seventh spare of the season in his 50 for the Haymakers.

In division four in a high scoring and exciting game at the Mariners, The Oddbods were nine pins ahead after four legs.

However a three spare 70 pin leg to put them eight pins in the lead.

The Oddbods didn't give up and halfway through the last leg were four pins ahead.

However Will Cartledge got his sixth spare for the Rams to let them win the game 456-454 In division five Duty Free put in a good performance to get a home win against the high flying Staggareds.

Jenni McCrae finished strongly to produce a season's best 56 as Duty Free drew clear in a close game which was level after five legs. Joan Pinnell got the Staggared's only nine in her 46.

Results: Division Three Elites 426 (P Griffiths 61),Allsorts 437 (J Holmes 61); Fizz Kids 437 (D Long 66),Haymakers 414 (J Edwards 56); Hammers 348 (C Bleakley,P Cook 49),Bangers 374 (M Robinson 52); Leftovers 451 (W Sowerby 70),Stylistics 460 (G Moody 66); Quality Factors 360 (C Evans 55),Undesirables 396 (J Darby 54); Division Four Dursley Golfers 376 (K King 55),Misspins 365 (H Booth 53); Misspins 366 (B Gale 51),No Opers 391 (C Ind 53); Oddbods 454 (R Atkinson 65),Rockhampton Rams 456 (W Cartledge 67); Pheasant Pluckers 405 (J Venn 57),Rogues 379 (N Button 54); Sharpness Playmates 375 (J Cooke 60),Dursley Golfers 371 (J Daniels 53); Surgical Spirits 397 (T Partridge 57),Pamdemonium 368 (B Bridges 55); Division Five Cheers 4 Beers 402 (S Bishop 57),Hot Gossips 371 (G Jones 63); Duty Free 381 (J Macrae 56),Staggareds 366 (G Robbins 57); Hot Gossips 405 (G Jones 61),Casuals 381 (J Hopkins 58); Ladybirds 357 (S Birdsey,T Wroe 49),Jolly Mariners 357 (T Hooper 53); Munch Bunch 407 (B Tovey 57),Lobitanhope 394 (W Cruise 56); Rockin Berries 364 (D Clarke 54),Super Troopers 340 (O Fowler 50); Super Troopers 424 (O Fowler 66),Lassies 409 (S Tomlinson 59); Titbits 393 (T Marshall 56),Not the Double Ds 330 (J Francis 50); Vixens 404 (A Sheldon 57),Astonians 451 (P Garrett 66);