Listeners fired up by the lewd comments made by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand on Radio 2 may delight in hearing that an effigy of the pair is to be burnt at the stake.

Members of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society in Edenbridge, Kent, thought the shamed celebrities would be the ideal choice for their annual guy so made one out of a combination of the two personalities.

Artist Frank Shepherd created the towering effigy, which depicts Ross holding a dog under his arm with Brand's head.

It will be ignited at the start of the town's firework display on Saturday night.

Last month the pair sparked a row after they left lewd messages on Andrew Sachs' answerphone claiming Brand had slept with the Fawlty Towers actor's granddaughter, Georgina Baillie.

The prank was broadcast on Brand's Radio 2 show, prompting thousands of complaints.

Last week Ross was suspended from the BBC for three months without pay, while Brand resigned from the show.