A HUGE congratulations was recently served up to a much-loved dinner lady in South Gloucestershire. 

Lyn Young, a lunchtime supervisor and breakfast club leader, recently celebrated 35 years of service at Severn Beach Primary School.

Lyn, who also recently turned 70, has worked at the school since some of the children's parents and grandparents attended.

She first joined the school when she was asked to do just a fortnight's work in 1988. 

Pupils and staff have described Mrs Young as “quite possibly the kindest person on Earth”. 

Budding reporter and year six pupil Beatrice Smith said: “She makes everyone feel good about themselves and we just couldn't imagine our school without her. 

“On the playground, she is such a brilliant diplomat and peace maker, sorting out everyone’s problems. 

“Although she has turned 70 she is simply ageless. 

“We wish her a very happy 70th birthday and an enormous well done on such an incredible achievement.” 

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